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Social SEO and YouTube piggyback content strategy

Most SEO are convinced that the role and influence of social will become increasingly more important. We also think this to be true and we have bend backwards and beyond to think up strategies and tactics to utilize the ranking power of our own quality content published there to help our own pages rank better. One theory is that we should be able to piggyback on the rank of media rich social website’s. We could just as well see them as content networks with different flavors. This is why we focust on creating unique rich media content and two social content websites being Pinterest and YouTube. Today we will discuss our experiences with YouTube. 

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YouTube applied piggyback content strategy

We want to be a major player in the SEO automation and optimization market and we know the market and its players. So if a market leader is launching a new feature and we now this in advance we can use this to our advantage. In our imaginary case we have a WordPress SEO plug-in that is leading in the WordPress segment. Their new feature is a module to fix Google Webmaster Tools errors from the WordPress dashboard. Interesting and we have some methods of our own. Our strategy is to see if we can piggyback the upswing of this topic, as result of the attention brought to it by the market leader, with nice on topic value added content of our own. We keep all options open, also placing our own content on external websites to gain momentum.

Piggyback tactical plan

We will make a YouTube how-to video on how we manage 404’s for WordPress. We will name it WordPress SEO fixing 404 errors and provide suiting Meta texts and make clear to the YouTube viewer that this video is part of a larger more detailed blog post. After publishing it to our own YouTube channel we will embed the video in a blog post that gives more detailed information on the subject and a step by step guide. Also we will use Authorship annotation (rel=author) for this post and the author of the post is the same as the author of the movie. The movie then also resides on the domain of the channel publisher and this is also true for blog post itself. Still with me?

The resulting blog post with the embedded video could look something like the example post WordPress SEO fixing 404 errors with Google Webmaster Tools.

The results

We should not expect too much of a result as it is pretty hard to get on the 1st page for any query containing WordPress let alone WordPress SEO. We are pretty happy with the result we got with the example post.

SERP results WordPress SEO
SERP results produced with these settings:

  • Language: English

No further settings

SERP result explained

This SERP was verified by more than 5 members of the Dutch SEO NL community independently. We can see that ranks fourth and that the thumb is the thumb of our movie from our example post. When we click it our movies starts directly. It’s a direct link to our movie, on our channel that we are publisher of. We can also see that our example post ranks ninth. The post itself was not shared and/or promoted very much by us. The movie we did embed in several Google+ posts with an informative header texts and a link to the blog post there as well. Nice thing is that people can watch this movie without even needing to leave the post. It plays as a movie in an embedded viewer within the blog posts. It can even be watched from with the notifications preview window. How cool is that!

But what does this matter and what’s in it for us SEO / creative content authors? Well we reckon that if the YouTube stats are an indication of how viewers value a movie, then video's should rank higher in YouTube search rankings on these merits. And the movie that ranks 1st will be displayed in the SERP in Google Search for the related result and that is a direct link to the movie for which the thumb is shown. Then if the movie remains constant in that viewers watch it for a significant amount of time also from new viewer sources like YouTube Search and Google Search then the domain linked to it will receive some extra rank. We also think that if the blog post it was embedded in, was the first page, not including, for which it was indexed with the very first time it was indexed by Google should also rank close to the YouTube movie. This beacause it must have received some sort of rank via the publisher relation with the channel and the author relation with the post that the movie it was embedded in. It’s just a working theory but here are the stats for our example post.

YouTube Analytics stats for example movie


YouTube analytics screenshot

Also see the sequal published on 09/03/2014 Social SEO and YouTube piggyback content strategies.




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