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Social SEO and Pinterest piggyback content strategy

This is the second post in the series on social seo and piggyback content strategies. In the previous post YouTube was covered and in this one I will explain how Pinterest fits into this strategy. For a successful YouTube movie campaign we can use Pinterest (PT) as an accelerant for giving our movies a push to gain momentum of its own. The second effect we are wanting to sort is generating exposure for our content. In general this can be any graphical content like pictures and movies. Pinterest lets us use both.

Pinterest applied piggyback content strategy

We will be using our own efforts and campaign for creating relevant SERPs for the keyword ‘SEO optimization dashboard’. We have created a PT board called RankWise SEO optimization dashboard free showcase. On it we placed high resolution images that are slides from our product walkthrough slideshow. We provided ample context by giving the images relevant detailed titles and descriptions. Also the YouTube movie from the first post in this series is on there. This board ranks high because of the URL that we created that contains rankwise-seo-optimization-dashboard-free-showcase. This is our PageRank ride to the first page. While important this is not the key success factor.


SERP Pinterest content strategy


See this SERP for yourself


Content is key for all YouTube social media piggyback content strategies

In succession to the previous post the goal for a YT campaign is to get playtime out of the views on the PT board. This can only be realized with good appealing content that is our own. Or at least if we want it to be sustainable SERPs and rankings as they are what creates value. Not page views and backlinks. All in- and external links are nofollow on Pinterest. Most are 302 soft meta redirects that don’t pass notable rank. Next to better rankings it also generates exposure for our content and brings traffic to our own website as we showcase our product there. Everybody wins, everybody happy. The content creator gets his roi for his effort of creating valuable free content, the media richt social platform presented it’s user with content they appreciated and if interested they ultimately visited our website and knowing exactly what to expect. Oh. And last but not least. Google is happy as their SERP send their visitor to nice content.  


Pinterest board rankwise seo optimization dashboard


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